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June, 2022: Fabiola, Merve and Clara receive the Candoc Grant from the UZH. Ramona receives the UZH Postdoc Grant. Congratulations!


July, 2021: The first preprint is out, a collaborative work by the whole lab: Monitoring the 5’UTR landscape reveals 5’terminal oligopyrimidine (TOP) motif switches to drive translational efficiencies.

Check out our long-read sequencing, transcription start site mapping and 5'UTR annotations:

April, 2021: Ramona was awarded the prestigious HFSP long-term fellowship! Congratulations Ramona!

Sept, 2020: Our review on small ORFs in the 5'UTR is out. Congrats to Fabi and Peter.

Screenshot 2020-09-29 at 16.39.59.png

June 14, 2020: Welcome to the world baby Amar and congratulations to the parents Merima and Patrick!

May 2020: we are very happy to join the NCCR (National Center of Competence in Research) RNA & Disease as a junior member:

Dec 2019: the most important lab instrument arrived


Sept 2019: First Lab Meeting at the IREM













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